About us

Dressing modestly, yet stylishly is now a reality with Haiqah

Modest femininity with style is an online clothing boutique for stylish women’s Islamic clothing.

Our extensive collection of modest dressing is exclusively made for the Islamic woman looking for beautifully stylish and feminine, yet, affordable and comfortable clothing, with all your modesty needs in mind.

Handpicked to make you feel unique, at Haiqah, we believe you can dress modestly and stylish at the same time while remaining true to your faith.

Shop online and browse a broad range of collections that you can wear to everyday events, corporate parties or at work. From affordable modest clothing, fashionable modest dresses, modest prom dresses, modest bridesmaid dresses, casual modest dresses and trendy yet modest tops and skirts - we have all your fashion occasions covered.

Our promise is to give you:“Modest femininity with style.”

We hope your shopping experience with us is enjoyable.

We want to hear from all our customers because we highly value your feedback. If there is a particular style of modest clothing you are looking for, feel free to let us know and we’ll discuss with our exclusive fashion designers.