Islamic Fashion: Experience a Modish Modesty

The new realization is that being stylish is no more about showing skin. In fact, the modest styles have become the mainstream fashion trends which not only keep women covered but also make them feel stylish and modish at the same time.

Haiqah, the online Islamic fashion store gives every Muslim woman an opportunity to experience modesty with style and fashion. The store combines together simple and minimalist silhouettes with fashionable and chic charms to craft impeccable Islamic attires, keeping in mind the taste and preference of a modern Muslim woman.

With the evolving mindsets, not only Muslim women, but women across the globe have been appreciating the Islamic fashion. Women can now embrace even more respect, dignity, and elegance by wearing the fully covered yet designer and up-to-the-minute Islamic outfits which are crafted thoughtfully and with sheer delicacy.

Displayed below are a few appealing Islamic attires from Haiqah, which prove that style is not about showing skin. Take a look:-

Beautiful Striped Abaya

Elegant and modest, this gorgeous A-line abaya is the ultimate in Islamic fashion. With long line stripes, this bold and smart abaya is an ideal outfit for your Muslim wardrobe.

Ecstatically Embroidered Abaya

Featuring soft embroidery and deep side pockets, this lovely abaya is easy to drape. The flowing silhouette and versatile design of this abaya will make you feel like a princess. Modern yet modest, this piece is surely a must-have.

Embellished Shift Tunic

Decorated with crochet embroidery, this chocolate button tunic is easy to style, weightless and versatile. If you are looking for something that is embellished yet feels smooth, then this stylish yet understated tunic is the perfect pick for you.

Swirl Embroidered Raw-Silk Sand Abaya

Flowing, loose and absolutely elegant, the silk sand abaya is undeniably a regal piece. The distinctive details and effective embroidery of this abaya make it timeless attire that’s both sumptuous and comfortable.