3 Easy Breezy Ways to Drape a Hijab for summers!

Love it or hate it, but you have to deal with it. Yes I am talking about summers. Everyone has their Knicks and knacks to deal with the scorching heat in summer; however hijab girls might find it a little bit difficult. No worries, we have a few easy ideas to wear a hijab, especially to go with modest wear abaya and tunics.

Basic Triangle Style

While wrapping your head in triangle style you need a lightweight, square scarf. Then fold the top right corner to the bottom left corner, it is now shaped like a triangle. Now place it over your head, make sure that the widest part of the triangle falls at the top of your forehead, with the two corners wrapped over your shoulders. After doing this, you just need to pin the scarf under your chin and cross the corners of the scarf over the neck and pin them up. Adjust it according to your face to get that perfect look.

Simple and Unrestricted Style

It’s very simple and easy to follow. Start by placing the hijab over your head and leave one side a little bit longer than the other one. Now pinch the scarf in the middle of the chin and try avoiding using any pins to keep it unrestricted and easy for summers. Now take the short side and flip it over the head, this will give you some volume and then flip the other side round and adjust it according to your face. This is the most uncomplicated and easy way to dress a hijab with your selection of abaya.

Side Pinned Style

For this style, you need to choose a rectangular scarf and drape that over your head, keeping one side twice as long as the other. Now wrap the long end of the hijab around your chin and over the head and use a pin to keep it in place. Your hijab forms one long flowing loop around the head, but make sure it doesn’t slip.

Apart from using the ideas mentioned above, make sure that you opt for light colored hijabs in summer with abaya designs, as they absorb less heat, leaving you calm and fresh. Remember that the color you choose is not too light that your hair is still visible, even after covering them.

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