Unveil Happiness With the “After Eid Mega Sale”!!

The auspicious month of Ramadan has now come to an end. However Haiqah’s sale is still on-going and the store is offering the best of Islamic clothing at a discount up to 40 percent. So girls, what are you waiting for?

Make the most of Haiqah’s after-Eid sale!!

At Haiqah, our collection features beautiful details, cool fabrics, flowy silhouettes and gorgeous lines that are perfect for any time of the year. You can explore through our wide range of discounted assortments of stunning Islamic tops, spectacular long length abayas, dresses and tunics and you’ll be amazed to discover them.

Undeniably, fashion definitions have evolved with time and Islamic women all over the world are shopping for modern abayas made from the best quality material and embellished beautifully with designer and intricate embroidery. Our exclusive store offers an extensive array of modest yet stylish clothing for women. We have a variety of Islamic clothing ranging from party wear to work wear and casual wear to formal wear. Every Islamic dress at Haiqah is thoughtfully crafted considering the norms of the Islamic culture and upholding the dignity of a muslimah.

The most blessed festival Eid has arrived and gone, but the sale at Haiqah is still progressing and offering a blissful shopping experience to every woman. With the advancement in time, more and more women have become fashion conscious, they prefer wearing something trendy yet understated. Keeping in mind these concerns, Haiqah presents a collection of modestly modern Islamic clothes that can make a woman look extremely beautiful while still taking care of their respect, simplicity and dignity.

Haiqah’s Islamic clothing is so gorgeously tailored that you’d love to dress yourself. So, make the most the after-Eid sale, discover the best that Haiqah has to offer and pick the right one for you.