The new wave Of Modest Wear Fashion- Dual Color Abayas!

abaya fashion

Dual color Abayas have gradually become iconic and women from different countries now prefer these extremely creative and artistic Abayas that give both functionality and everyday look to them. Most of the Islamic women look for outfits that keep their dignity intact while still looking trendy and sophisticated. These dual colored Abayas are the new wave of abaya fashion that has already been welcomed and appreciated by Islamic women with open arms.

Wearing a dual tone abaya allows a woman to look both stylish and modest at the same time. At Haiqah, the leading online Islamic fashion store for women, we display an array of dual-tone Abayas designed especially for the modern women, keeping in mind their needs and requirements.

Pastel Dual Shades

Single pastel cream color might turn you down, but when combined with another pastel color, it can be spectacular. This perfectly pastel combination of abaya is ideal for a casual day out and when teamed with a printed or embellished hijab and nude shade pumps, there would be nothing like it.

Besides being elegantly sophisticated, this dual colored abaya with long sleeves will keep you cool and energetic. Any modern lady would know how to carry this dual-tone with grace and integrity. The long length of this abaya and loose pants show the Muslim women majesty and make her look utterly simple and sober.

This cotton abaya fashion is an essential garment for the summer, while the pastel colors just add to its essence. It’s a perfect addition to your modern Islamic wardrobe.

Darker Dual Shades

This neat, cut-out modest wear abaya with long sleeves looks fabulous on the modish lady. The bold combination of blue and burgundy makes this piece special and voguish. The cute tear drop zipper adds to its modern details, while the hijab style completes the overall look.

This piece is definitely eye-catching and pretty enough to be worn at parties or even for a formal meeting. The dark shades make it perfect for creating a bold style statement anywhere. Most of the Islamic women are eyeing on this outfit because of its unique cut-out design and bold color combination.

Let there be some colors in your wardrobe, add some dual-tone Abayas to your closet and cherish them by wearing at different occasions, we’re sure you’re going to receive endless compliments.