Latest Abaya Designs for Young Islamic Girls!

An abaya for every young and fashionable Islamic girl!

Haiqah presents a range of the latest and unique abaya designs for the young girls out there looking for sophisticated, simple and modern silhouettes. All the designs showcased by Haiqah are impeccably tailored by experienced craftsmen. The collection of Haiqah is a perfect blend of fresh color combination, matchless pattern, traditional theme and more. The intricate embroidery and fine work on the outfits give them an everlasting beauty.

We’re sure you won’t be able to resist after looking at the exclusive collection of abayas offered by Haiqah.

Let’s check out the tantalizing array of modest yet stylish Abayas for young and chic Muslim girls.

This Abaya with lavish red roses is absolutely perfect for a young maiden. The flowy, long, beautiful maxi dress is soothing to the eyes with its dark red roses and matching waist rope which can be adjusted according to the needs. The snug fit that this dress offer, adds to its class and elegance.

latest abaya designs

Roses-Are-Red Belted Maxi Dress


The blue blossom roses and deep blue belt, makes this piece a perfect pick for young and stylish muslimahs looking for decent yet fashionable outfits. Wearing it will instantly elevate your look, making you look no less than a fairy.

latest abaya designs uk

Blue Blossom White Abaya


Looking for a bold and beautiful Islamic dress? Look no further than this black and white striped abaya designs that creates a bold and stunning impact with its long line stripes and striking mid-section.

latest abaya designs

Black And White Striped Abaya


Can floral print ever go out of fashion? Absolutely not. The reason being, every girl has a soft corner for those delicate flowers and smooth lines.  Girls are crazy about floral design and embellishments. This piece of abaya is perfectly crafted with floral embroidery, keeping in mind the choice of a young girl.

latest abaya designs

Pretty-In-Pink Floral Embellished Maxi Dress


Unfortunately we’ll have to end our list here, but that does not mean the collection ends here. There is a lot more to it and a number of other outfits ahead of you at Haiqah.