Islamic Clothing and Its Popularity in the Western World

Islam is a unique region that preaches general modesty and decency amongst its disciples. This is one of the strongest reasons as to why Islamic clothing is more conservative in nature in contrast to other American and European attires. Today, where Islam has become a widely spread culture throughout the Non-Muslim world, it has become even more crucial for Muslim people to wear a specific type of dress code that highlight their religion and religious aspects, in order to set apart from others.

Many other Muslims who initially balked at wearing Islamic clothing have also reverted to wearing them lately. There are numerous reasons that have brought about this transformation, primary of which is the availability of fashionable yet modest Islamic clothing in the Western world. Before online shopping gained popularity, people often found it hard to buy religiously diverse outfits. But with the advancement in internet shopping, almost everyone has gained access to a global market that caters to every fashion need of the generation. Several online Muslim fashion stores offer a large variety of abayas, hijabs and other Islamic clothing. They have an extensive range of clothing for every occasion as well as work and casual outfits, thus making it easy for the customers to shop according to their needs.

Another major reason that has popularized Islamic clothing in the Western world is the fact that a large number of people are becoming immensely focused over displaying a symbol of their religion to the society they live in. This can be attained only by dressing up in a manner specified by the Islamic scholars and in laid down in the Holy Quran.

For both men and women of the faith, it is obligatory to cover their bodies with modest dress that does not allow any inappropriate exposure. Therefore, loose fitting clothes and full length dresses are a popular Muslim outfits feature. Moreover, women are also required to cover their head, especially in public areas. This keeps a women protected from the society’s gaze.

Undoubtedly, Islamic clothing plays a very important role of representing the identity of the Muslims in a society. A majority of Muslims wear these clothes, thereby portraying a united Muslim nation in the entire world. These reasons have helped in making Islamic clothing famous in the Western world too. And the popularity will continue to grow as people main their feeling of unity for Islam and its preaching.