Designer Abayas Prove to Be an Amalgamation of Tradition with Sophistication!

Traditionally, Abayas were generally a long, black veil that was used by women to cover their entire body, but with the emergence of designer Abayas, a new wave of trend entered the market which completely changed the way a traditional abaya used to look. However, even today the designer Abayas are crafted keeping in mind the modesty and respect of a Muslim woman.

What’s so different about the designer Abayas?

We all know that the Islamic culture laid down a few guidelines according to which the dress code for a woman should be modest and help her cover her body respectfully without any kind of inappropriate exposure. While keeping this in mind, modern designer Abayas have been crafted with a touch of style and fashion. Let’s discover the difference.

Fabric: While traditional Abayas were majorly crafted out of cotton and woolen fabrics, contemporary Abayas are made of light in weight and flowing materials like silk, georgette, crepe, and chiffon. Even the silhouettes of modern-day Abayas have completely transformed from being plain and simple to twisted and layered.

Color: The only color used in the making of traditional Abayas was black, but with the change in times, women have started showing a preference for vibrant and fresh colors like Green, blue, pink and even white, which has inspired many designers to come out with unique shades.

Decoration: Bead work and embroidery have almost become synonymous with Abayas nowadays. On the other hand, earlier there was no such thing, no decoration, in fact, just a plain, black Abaya for Muslimahs. With the evolution in time, several embellishments have been made in the making of Abayas.

Designer Abayas have gradually become so popular that every Muslim girl has it in her wardrobe. Even the famous fashion designers have come out with new and innovative ideas on design the best Abayas for a modern-day woman.